About Me

I am a classic introverted person who enjoys spending time with close friends and family and getting lost in my books. When the internet boomed and other young teenagers were out having a great time, I was using Google and Yahoo to find as much information that I could to learn about my ancestors through articles, music and documentaries. As my Friday night free time and short curfew were carefully allocated towards dancing my heart away at African and Caribbean cultural nights, my desire to indulged myself in philosophical questions and discussions grew.

By the time I started applying to university, it was clear to me that anthropology, the marvellous study of humankind throughout history, and political science, the study of power and how we organize ourselves, were going to be my main focus. Hence, I naturally went on to complete a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences with double major in Political Science and Anthropology and later, a Master’s in Political Science.

Today, I have over a decade of volunteer experiences with local and international organizations and some field work experiences in the renewable energy field. I worked in the private sector where I learned about the importance of increasing financial literacy amongst the youth and I currently hold a position in the public sector where I proudly work towards an even stronger society.

My main interests are public policy analysis, human, environmental and animal rights, homelessness, research, languages, reading, cultural events, traveling, the great outdoors,  and of course, Netflix.





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